1. This event sounds excellent, where can I buy tickets?

No tickets are required, as this is a free event.  You may wish to let us know you are coming by joining our Facebook event.

2. This seems to be a very male orientated event, are girls welcome?

Absolutely.  Everyone is welcome to join us for Shore Leave London.  According to Wikipedia, women have served in the US Navy for over a century so that’s no excuse not to come along.

3. How long will you be at the start point for?

Not long.  The event starts at 7pm.  Don’t be late.

4. What if I get lost during the event and can’t find any of my shipmates?

We will be following the route outlined on this website.  On the night, we will aim to put updates on Twitter (@ShoreLeaveLDN) as we move from pub to pub.  Follow us on Twitter and then if you get lost you will know where we are.

5. How will I know when you’re moving from pub to pub?

There will be announcements made in each pub when we are moving on.  We will try to give a five minute warning and then a final call to abandon ship.  As mentioned above, we will also aim to put updates on Twitter (@ShoreLeaveLDN) as we move about.

6.  Will I be warm enough in just a sailor outfit?

The event is held in London, so there is a chance it will be chilly and it may rain.  Please check the weather forecast in advance and dress appropriately.  We suggest wearing layers underneath your sailor suit if colder weather is forecast.

7.  I can’t understand what any of my ship mates are saying, why is that?

That’s because they are using the language of the sea.  You may wish to brush up on your nautical terminology in advance.

8. How long does the event last?

We expect to make the final pub on our route by last orders (10.30pm-ish).  After that the official event will end but we expect ship mates to set sail into new, uncharted territories.

9. Will I be able to keep up with the drinking?

Yes, because you’re a sailor.  We start at 7pm and are aiming to spend 30 minutes in each of the six pubs on the route.  You can drink (or not drink) whatever you like.  The one exception is that we will be raising a toast to Lord Nelson when we are in the Lord Nelson pub, so please have a drink ready for that toast.

10. Will I be able to keep up with the walking pace in-between the pubs?

It is not a race.  Each pub is less than 10 minutes walk apart (according to Google Maps), so it should not be too difficult to keep up with your ship mates.

11.  This is great idea, can I do it in my home town / city?

Absolutely.  Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.  We may even come along…


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